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Included is site line, traffic average and submission link!

S.No.Pet Guest Post WebsiteDATrafficSubmission URL
1Unique News Online52193,000 Submit
2The Nonstop News56394Submit
4One Green Planet76385,534Submit
5The Spruce Pets7112,225,009Submit
11The Fact Site611,247,519Submit
12Pet Partners6140,271Submit
13The Mancunion6044,805Submit
16Dogs Naturally Magazine59429,658Submit
18World Animal Protection5737,677Submit
19The Dogington Post5779,612Submit
23Embrace Pet Insurance55589,675Submit
26Companion Animal Psychology5529,875Submit
27Go Pet Friendly54175,715Submit
28Pet Rescue Blog531,301Submit
29First Home Love Life523,651Submit
31Pretty Fluffy511,263Submit
323 Million Dogs5139,521Submit
33Chelsea Dogs5076,876Submit
353 Boys And A Dog5017,188Submit
36Fetch! Pet Care4947,579Submit
38Animal Wellness Magazine4826,046Submit
39World Animal Net481,761Submit
40Trip & Travel Blog471,152Submit
41Anything Pawsable4616,214Submit
43Fidose of Reality468,409Submit
44Dogs Monthly461,049Submit
45We Love Cats and Kittens453,010Submit
46We Love Cats and Kittens456,638Submit
48All Pet News441,660Submit
49Untrained Housewife441,659Submit
51Kol's Notes438,918Submit
52Small Dog Place42244,164Submit
53All Natural Pet Care423,527Submit
54Animal Bliss429,861Submit
55Puppy In Training4251,997Submit
58Kol's Notes417,667Submit
59Wild Hearted413,661Submit
61Wag The Dog UK3911,232Submit
62Fuzzy Faces Dog Training39199Submit
63Wag The Dog392,922Submit
64Our Fit Pets3933,087Submit
65Crayon Box Chronicles39944Submit
67Pet Problems Solved3811Submit
68House Of Petz381,254Submit
69The Plaid Horse3725,097Submit
70Schnauzers Rule3720,864Submit
71Our Beautiful Planet363,585Submit
72The Good Vet & Pet Guide3616,384Submit
73The Pet Town3630,320Submit
74Pet Food Talk361,934Submit
75HavaHart Wireless36--Submit
76Heads Up For Tails362,039Submit
78Woof Dog3538,564Submit
79Dog Club351,633Submit
80Way Cool Dogs35731Submit
81Little Dog Tips348,589Submit
83Pet Blog341,452Submit
84Pet Movers342,042Submit
85Lost Pet Research342,959Submit
86We're All About Pets3422,714Submit
88Pet Loves Best3327,939Submit
90The Pet Show with Warren Eckstein332,433Submit
91Animals Comparison3325,335Submit
92Animal Wellness Guide33483Submit
93Understanding Pet Fancy Rats328,015Submit
94The Modern Dog Trainer324,087Submit
95Birds of a Feather32533Submit
96The Animal Store329,522Submit
98Handspring Publishing313,872Submit
99All Pet Voices3190Submit
101Pet Price List3187,885Submit
103Best Dog Vitamins30101Submit

The Basics Of Guest Blogging

The basic definition of guest blogging is pretty straightforward – it means posting on another person’s blog as a guest.

You contribute content to someone’s blog and in return you get an external backlink to your own blog and wider exposure.

Guest posting is big in the world of SEO (search engine optimization). This is the context in which it is most often discussed, and guest blogging is indeed an undeniably important way to drive traffic to your site.

Generating these links is one of the main goals of guest blogging. Being referenced on reputable, quality sites is a big factor in how big search engines decide to rank your blog.

Over time, generating these backlinks will help boost you in the search engine rankings. That’s why people refer to guest blogging as being ‘good for SEO’.

The main thing to bear in mind when guest blogging is the nature of the links you incorporate into your text.

When you include links in your content, the actual words hyperlinked are called anchor texts. When you link a URL, you should make sure it contains words that are useful.

Which words are useful? Google uses anchor texts to assess a page’s relevance, so include keywords in the anchor texts that you link to.

Just make sure not to overdo it, as Google also penalizes for spammy links. As with most SEO strategies, the most important thing to do is to do everything you do organically.

Don’t be too heavy-handed or artificial with the links you embed. Most of all, make sure that the links are relevant. And if they’re relevant, they’re likely to include keywords anyway.

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